Referencing Fees

Fee Explanation Cost (inc. VAT)
Referencing This is charged for each tenant applying for the tenancy. £96.00/person
Guarantor Referencing Only if a Guarantor is required and charged for each guarantor that is referenced. £120.00/guarantor
Tenancy pet clause Addendum to the tenancy agreement for any pets kept at the property £30.00
Company Referencing Company or Business reference fee £420.00
Tenancy Agreement (Tenant Share) One off charge for the Tenancy Agreement preparation. £210.00
Inventory check (Tenant Share) One off charge per tenancy £90.00
Renewal/Extension agreements One off charge for each renewal/extension. £114.00
Landlord/ agent reference fee One off charge for a landlord/ agent reference for an alternative property £30.00

Referencing fees will not be refunded if you fail the reference. Be confident

 you will pass the reference.