Preparing A Property For Rent

The day a tenant moves into a property is very important for cementing a relationship between landlord and tenant. We call it a ‘moment of truth’. If the property is beautifully presented and sparkles, you will have a happy tenant who is more likely to look after the property and likely to be more relaxed if there are any problems. On the other hand, a poorly presented property, perhaps with a dirty cooker and things not working, is going to be very disappointing to the tenant, particularly as they feel they are paying a high rent and they are more likely to constantly complain about the property. This is an element of the Kevin Henry service that tenants really appreciate and we have been complimented. We go to great lengths to ensure that properties are in an excellent condition, advising all landlords to use professional cleaners, to set the standard for the duration of the tenancy. This, together with the complimentary Waitrose bag of essentials really helps get tenants in the right frame of mind.

Presentation tips

  • Soft neutral colours
  • Good quality, hardwearing carpets
  • If curtains are included, ensure that they are easily cleanable
  • Modern looking kitchen, with plenty of storage
  • A good working cooker
  • Fully equipped kitchen with all white goods is a good letting feature, but all the appliances must be maintained by the landlord.
  • Some form of shower is important in the bathroom, together with good ventilation. Just as in selling a property, a good clean bathroom is a good letting feature
  • If furnished, keep to a minimum, removing all personal items, kitchen utensils etc. All electrical items should be tested annually with a PAT test
  • All soft furnishings need to have appropriate fire retardancy certificate
  • Heating is very important and a good system with timer and thermostat is very important. Large heating bills over a cold winter are often cause enough for a tenant to hand their notice in
  • A well looked after, professionally cleaned and decorated property creates the right impression for letting and ensures that the tenant is more likely to look after the property
  • Outside – all outbuildings and garage should be kept clear, clean and free from rubbish. Some basic garden equipment should be available, such as lawn mower. Set the right standard by ensuring that gardens are well-tended, that flowerbeds are free from weeds, hedges trimmed and shrubs pruned. If you have a garden you are proud of, it is worth considering getting some help from a gardener as part of the tenancy agreement