Modern Method of Auction

8th July 2019

Modern Method of Auction

Kevin Henry has always been at the forefront of a modern method of marketing in the property sector and they have recently announced a new marketing proposition known as the Modern Method of Auction

Managing Director Mike Sharman notes “For me, this is up there with one of the best introductions to help vendors sell their home that I can remember. It’s a unique combination of technology at its best and the skills and knowledge required to be a great estate agent.”

The benefits to vendors are vast, with the headline grabber being that vendors pay no selling fees through this method. Sharman adds “we spent a lot of time researching into this as it’s too good to be true and could find no catches, we also went out to some of our existing clients with the view and this encouraged us to press on as we received such an overwhelming response.” Sharman also confirms “It’s a great and transparent way for buyers to buy and it comes with a maximum 56 day completion to sale agreed stage. That in itself is special in these supposed modern times.” 

The proposition is available NOW and you can find out further details by clicking here.