New Homes & Development

For over 26 years Kevin Henry have been involved with large and small builders and providing advice on planning and costing up the value of sites.

With our own planning consultant to advise on the complications of gaining consent, and our vast experience of dealing with national and local builders we can provide advice from what property to build to the expected values to marketing and selling the finished product.

Planning: Has never been more complicated or expensive to gain. Our planning consultant has enormous experience of working for large national builders, local builders and private individuals simply wanting to get a planning gain from the property they own. Getting good advice with an upfront idea of the cost, together with the expectation of success is vital to make a decision whether to pursue a planning consent or not. We are aware of poor advice leading to expensive failure with some so called experts, so getting the best advice is vital. We also have a number of builders who would be happy to enter into a partnership, where they use their expertise to gain the necessary planning at their cost for the benefit of the landowner.

Marketing and getting the best price: From selling ‘off plan’ to promoting a property under construction, we have access to the best marketing material and we are able to give the widest coverage getting your development to the largest number of potential buyers. Getting the right marketing plan and executing it is a massive step towards success.

Past Performance; we have dealt with most local builders and many national builders.

Persimmon Homes: Charles Church, Kier Homes, David Wilson, Bellway, Fairview, Weston Homes, McCarthy and Stone Land Charter and locally, Ford Wells, George Walsh, Rowe Builders, Knights, JML Construction and many others.

Part Exchange and assisted moves: there has been a big increase in the number of large builders building in our area. Builders offer different schemes to assist in the buying process. If the sums work, they will offer to part exchange a buyers property and break the chain, and sometimes buyers can qualify for an assisted move where a lot of the costs are paid for and an estate agent is chosen to sell that property. We seen an increasing number of such transactions and have assisted a number of builders to put together realistic comparative evidence to help make the sums work.

Buy to let: With the biggest and best lettings service in the area, we have dealt with a large number of investors, providing yield information and providing all they need to make buying decisions and then offering a comprehensive service to look after their investments. We always have a number of investor buyers looking to add to their portfolio. We provide builders with likely rental figures and recommend new build to our investor buyers.